Monday, October 6, 2008

Seems like forever

After a week of commuting back and forth to San Antonio for training, and following it up with a camping trip on Saturday, its been awhile since I posted. Since then the Red Sox took the first two games in the ALDS over the Angels with some dramatic wins in the wee hours EST. Last night that rose to another level with a 12 inning affair that ended 1:00am EST after about 51/2 of baseball. Unfortunately, the Red Sox couldn't pull it out, although they probably shouldn't have still been in it that late anyway, but thats how it goes. Now tonight Lester is back on the hill to followup his performance against the Angels last Wednesday in win in Game 1. We need to get this West Coast series behind us. PST sucks!

The Bucs fought tough against the Broncos in Denver yesterday, but couldn't stay with the Ponies when Griese got hurt. I haven't checked the wire yet, but lets hope he's not down too long. We've the the Panthers on tap next weekend.

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