Monday, October 20, 2008

Crossover Sport Fans

For the first time I can remember, which isn't really saying a whole heck of a lot, I had some clashing of fans rooting for a team I support, but against a team in another sport that I like.

See, last night, I was innocently watching NCLS game 7 on TBS and simulateously following the Bucs-Seahawks NFL game on, since Time Warner and our NBC affiliate in Austin can't seem to get along. When the Rays went up 2-1 over the Red Sox, there was a cheer that rippled through the RJS crowd and a "Let's Go, Rays!" chant started. Also, there was a delay in the after game news conferences because the Bucs were watching the Rays win over the Red Sox.

Geez, you want to talk about weird. I had to tell myself that of those 40,000 fans that were there in Tropicana Field, 25K were serious bandwagon jumpers. Talk about hopping on at the last minute. The Bucs still had a full house, so no losses there. Our football fans were accounted for apparently.

With both teams from the same area, I can't fault the Buc fans for rooting. Thats ok Gruden, you can say you wanted to watch them before meeting the media. That's alright. I just despise the sudden 'hopping aboard' that so many Tampa baseball fans are doing now, for a team they showed no interest in less than a month ago.

The Rays are young, and just might be able to pull off a World Series title against the Phillies. I don't really care all that much if they do or not. What will be interesting is to see if the sudden Rays following will stay on to support the team in the regular season next year. AL East rivals have been filling the seats in Tampa for years. We'll see if it changes from here on out.

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