Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fine line between safe and out

Sure, I get after the umpires as much as anybody. Last night's missed call by Jim Joyce was terrible. Obviously it was even more magnified coming on what would've been the final out of a perfect game. However, as someone who considers himself a purist of the game, I realize that this will happen since we are relying on humans to make the split second judgements and fair decisions.

I don't wish for replay to enter into the picture for anything more than help with homerun calls, etc., and I definitely wouldn't be calling for Jim Joyce's head even if his flub had happened against the Red Sox. I think (hope) I would handle it as Jim Leland has. "Its a shame, but thats part of the game." Like he was, I would be upset initially at the call, probably blow my top, but in the end would understand these things happen. Like Tito commented this morning, "The game's the game. Play the game. Nobody's perfect."

At least Joyce admitted his mistake, and was truly apologetic to Galarraga.In return, Galarraga dealt with it with class as well. Sure everybody missed out on what was another bookmark in baseball history. Still this stuff is going to happen, and I'm glad the people that were involved were grown up enough to handle it properly. This was a show of good sportsmanship and set an example to the kids on dealing with what is really a minor situation in the real world. If only Fans could be as understanding.

Today's song was "Your Sweet Eyes" by Eric Johnson, one of our local Austin musicians and one helluva guitar player. Red Sox play this afternoon and hopefully they'll continue their winning ways through what should be considered an easier part of the schedule. Wakefield on the mound at 12:35.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Mil-lar Time

I'm going to repost this courtesy of the "Surviving Grady" guys from last night's pre-game on NESN. Kevin Millar cracks me up!

...and the dance to which they were referring....

The 2010 National Champion Dukies were at the White House yesterday. Maybe Coach K gave Obama a few pointers on leadership.

I've been tapping into the techno trance music this week so today's song is "Starry Eyed Surprise" by Paul Oakenfold. He's the DJ,not the rapper. Have a nice long weekend everybody!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Say Blah

I've had a case of the "blahs" lately. It could be worse. At least its not a case of the "Mondays". It'll all work itself out eventually. Kind of like the Red Sox working out of the crap that was their visit to Baltimore last weekend, and getting swept. Now they've come back strong with three win at home against the Angels. A win tonight and they sweep. I was poking around the Baseball Reference and Scott Kazmir is the 5th most pitcher that Pedroia has faced in his career. Pedey has faced him 36 times and sports a .517/.600/.793/1.393 line. I say he has a good game tonight on tap.

Song of today was "As One" by the Dropkick Murphys. I was feeling the aggressive spirit this morning, and I can't say its faded much since. Maybe a trip to the gym this afternoon will take some of it out of me. I typically boarder on getting myself in trouble otherwise. At least I'm prepped for Sunday and next Friday (Karen's B-day). First time thats happened in a couple of years, so it'll all be alright.

"It'll all be alright."

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday's all around

Yesterday was my oldest son, Zach's, 21st birthday, if you can believe that! I can actually send him out for beer now instead of just milk and the assorted grocery items. It hardly seems possible that its been 16 years since I was dropping the kid on his head while holding him up by the ankles. If you know him, that kind of explains alot, doesn't it? (I kid.) sure does fly. We've got a big party planned this weekend to celebrate in style. Hope the weather, and Karen and I, can hold up through it all.

Additionally, one of Karen's cousin's had a birthday yesterday, and somebody else I think. And I find out today is Terry "Tito" Francona's 51st birthday, along with one of Karen's co-workers. Man, it just seems to be a theme this week in my world.

Speaking of the Sox, two walk off wins in a row against the Rangers at Fenway. One by practically a nobody anybody knew in Darnell McDonald on Tuesday night and Youk last night in the 12th inning. Thats a pretty exciting way to get out of a funk and start a winning streak, don't ya think?

You would think having the Red Sox play a team closer to where I live would be a good thing, but down here in Astro-land, Fox Southwest seems to have a problem showing the Rangers when they play the Sox. It's been hell trying to find the game on the tube, and what makes it worse is MLB.TV is blacked out, so I have to catch the radio call, if anything at all. Not that I'm complaining about the source to which I am forced, because I love listening to Joe Castiglione and company, but I'd love even more to actually SEE the game. I was fortunate to watch the MLB network cut in last night for Youk's hit. Other than highlights, thats been about it this week.

Double HH is on the hill tonight. It would be nice for the Sox to take control in the early innings and win one easy for a change. I'll be taking the family out for Zach's B-day margarita tonight, so I'll be tuning in late. Today's song was from the man, Bob Seger, "Against The Wind". Thats one of those songs I know all the words to, and wail it out when its on. (By myself of course.) If it were to catch me in the right frame of mind, its been known to make me alittle misty-eyed. Kinda like when you see your kids growing up, and the years passing you by like you're standing still.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Early Morning on Patriots Day

Tough weekend for the Sox. Suspended game from Friday night that they let get away, twice. Youk got thrown out at home during the regular innings, then the team let a bases loaded, no outs get away the following afternoon when play resumed. Of course following that up with some crappy defense and play just about as bad as the weather was, they proceeded to lose Saturday and Sunday. Lester is really frustrating early in the season and he laid an egg again in his start last night. Now its Patriots Day and the Sox are trying to prevent a sweep to the Rays starting at 10am.

"Had Me a Real Good Time" by the Faces is the song today. With Lackey on the mound, here's to that being the song sung later this afternoon by the Red Sox as they start breaking out of this funk!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sickness and Injuries

Geez! Tough road trip for the Sox ending by getting blown out by the Twins after committing 3 errors and falling apart in the late innings. It will be nice for them to get back home. Ellsbury is still smarting from the dent in his chest when he collided with Beltre the other day. Late yesterday, Cameron had to go to the hospital in Minnesota with pain in his abdomen. They say this morning it's kidney stones which is better than appendicitis. It would appear a outfield callup from the minors is likely.

Joe Bonamassa tweeted this morning about having come down with a case of the "plague". He just started the second leg of his tour last night in New York supporting his new album, "Black Rock". It was probably something he caught when he was in Austrailia last week. He's scheduled to play Boston tonight and nights through the weekend in the northeast. Hopefully he'll be able to fight through it. Oh, and today's song was "The Outsider" by Walter Trout.

Update: Boston show cancelled due to illness and re-scheduled for April 28th.

Karen and I were able to power Anthony through the last homework assignment of the six weeks. Now we will see how it pulls through for him in Language Arts. None of us are all that fond of the teacher, and it will be nice for him to not have her anymore. Even so, BigAD is notorious for slacking off for the first half of the six weeks, and then pushing through the end of it to make his grades. He's a brilliant, smart kid! I just wish he would apply himself the whole time. Of course I used to drive my Mom crazy with this same sort of thing when I was a kid, so I guess he comes by it naturally.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Last Song

I've finally decided to follow through with this. Every post from here on out will include the last song I played in full on my Ipod, or heard on the radio. Today its "Southbound Again" from Dire Straits' first album. I love Mark Knopfler's smooth guitar playing and it helps the commute go better.

It looks like Mike Lowell will be DH for the day game with the Twins. Wakefield is on the hill as the Red Sox look to win the series on the road.