Friday, April 16, 2010

Sickness and Injuries

Geez! Tough road trip for the Sox ending by getting blown out by the Twins after committing 3 errors and falling apart in the late innings. It will be nice for them to get back home. Ellsbury is still smarting from the dent in his chest when he collided with Beltre the other day. Late yesterday, Cameron had to go to the hospital in Minnesota with pain in his abdomen. They say this morning it's kidney stones which is better than appendicitis. It would appear a outfield callup from the minors is likely.

Joe Bonamassa tweeted this morning about having come down with a case of the "plague". He just started the second leg of his tour last night in New York supporting his new album, "Black Rock". It was probably something he caught when he was in Austrailia last week. He's scheduled to play Boston tonight and nights through the weekend in the northeast. Hopefully he'll be able to fight through it. Oh, and today's song was "The Outsider" by Walter Trout.

Update: Boston show cancelled due to illness and re-scheduled for April 28th.

Karen and I were able to power Anthony through the last homework assignment of the six weeks. Now we will see how it pulls through for him in Language Arts. None of us are all that fond of the teacher, and it will be nice for him to not have her anymore. Even so, BigAD is notorious for slacking off for the first half of the six weeks, and then pushing through the end of it to make his grades. He's a brilliant, smart kid! I just wish he would apply himself the whole time. Of course I used to drive my Mom crazy with this same sort of thing when I was a kid, so I guess he comes by it naturally.

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