Monday, December 29, 2008

Bucs done, but Pokes roasted

I wasn't going to post today, but its been awhile now, sooooo here it goes:

The Bucs lost their last 4 games to wipe out any post season play. It all culminated with yesterday's disasterous loss to the lowly (read: sucky) Raiders, 31-24. The pain from coughing up yet another 4th quarter lead pales to the potential serious injury Carnell "Cadillac" Williams suffered yesterday to his left (read: other) knee. The Bucs had the lead, were driving, and Cadillac was finishing off a great run when it happened. After that, the air seemed to go right out of the Bucs as the drive stalled, the defense gaped open for Micheal Bush of the Raiders to score on a long run, and Garcia tossed an INT the next time the Bucs got the ball. Horrific all around.

The head coach takes the hit when things like this happen, and rightly so since he's the guy in charge and its his staff. All of this did seem to go sour when it became known that Monte Kiffen was leaving to coach with his son at Tennessee. Couldn't all of that waited until the end of the season? I guess not. Anyway, they sucked, and it all sucks.

The Bucs loss early in the afternoon left me to watch the Cowboys meltdown against the Eagles. At least the Bucs showed some remorse for their sad showing. The Cowboys just seemed glad that it was over, and basically just quit.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blue Devils get better

After having to wait around for a week and a half following their loss to Michigan, the Blue Devils finally took the floor again last night. Coach K started the second team and kept them out on the floor until the first TV time out. The talking heads seemed to think this was some master stroke and made a big deal out of it, but Coach K usually does this a time or two every year. It serves a double purpose. First it gives the second team guys acknowledgement for their hard work and hustling in practice, letting them know they are important and not just pine riders. They are needed and this reminds them.

Secondly, it usually wakes up the starters. Last night was Singlers first time to not start in something like 55 games. Coach expects hard nosed play and hustle every play, every game, every time you go out there. The second team plays hard because they don't get to do it as often and they want to prove themselves. The starters begin to feel like they are "the man" and start slacking off, feeling they've already achieved their starting position. Thats not so at Duke. Play hard, play with heart, or sit on the bench. Its that simple. The Dukies did that last night to the tune of a 99-56 win over UNC-Asheville. On Saturday, the team makes the trip up to the Meadowlands to play Xavier in what should be a good road test.

Probably by now you've seen the 2009 NFL Pro Bowl rosters. Barrett Ruud is noticably absent, but its nice that Derrick Brooks and Clifton Smith made it. TBO has a good feature on Clifton making the Pro Bowl. He's really been a weapon for the Bucs on Special Teams this season.

I saw this story on Deadspin about a guy suing a couple of Bucs for apparently beating him up at an IHOP in October. Michael Bennett is no long with the team and Anthony Davis....well....haven't seen hide or hair of him this season with the offensive line improvement. I'll try not to judge before all the facts come out, but at least its not a big distraction with someone who actually plays significantly every week.

And finally, its good to see someone who got screwed over inappropriately make it good, even better, despite the setback. Robert Flores was a sports reporter for the new station KEYE in Austin years ago. He got railroaded out of town for saying the "F word" in a priliminary taped segment for a morning sports update when someone made a very loud noise on set. After being reduced to a local radio gig for a couple of months, he got hired on with ESPN and is doing pretty well now.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bucs Playoff Scenarios

The Bucs lost a tough one in Atlanta Sunday. The defense played alot better obviously than they did the previous Monday night against the Panthers. It is amazing that no NFC South team has won on the road in the division this season. Brian Griese filled in ok for Jeff Garcia, but the team really missed having a mobile QB back there. Griese just couldn't seem to move his feet to escape pressure and it really cost the Bucs late in the game.

Just the same, the Bucs still control their own destiny in the playoff run. With the Chargers and Raiders coming to RJS over the next two weeks, they should be able to make the Playoffs, and hopefully the Cowboys will fade. Here's a good breakdown of the Bucs playoff scenarios and what all needs to happen for the Bucs to still even win the Division. Its not over yet!*

*C'mon Jeff! Get well, Bro!

Oh, and a note from yesterday. Greg White has legally changed his name to Stylez G. White. Fans of the 80's "Teen Wolf" Micheal J. Fox movie unite!

Friday, December 12, 2008

New road unis

I guess I should mention the releasing of the Red Sox new road uniforms yesterday. I'm pretty impartial to it all - except to the new alternate road cap. I'm not too keen on just the "Two Socks" look on the cap replacing the Boston "B". Here's the most pictures of the unveiling that I can find courtesy of the Texas Gal at Centerfield.

On the Bucs front, because its still Football season even though the Hot Stove is heating up for baseball, they've got a big game in Atlanta Sunday. We took these guys down 24-9 on Sept. 14th, and I think (hope) we can do it again. With a Buc win and some losing in the NFC East, the Bucs can clinch at least a playoff spot this week. Here's to not taking this down to the last weekend Bucs.

Still after clinching early last year and resting guys thus resulting in a loss to the Giants, it may not be a bad idea to remain competitive through week 17. Of course, after last Monday night, we'll need to push hard to win the division now. That should keep things rolling as long as we can stay/get healthy.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bucs-Chargers 'flexed' for Week 16

The Week 16 game between the Bucs and Chargers in Tampa has been moved from Sunday night to afternoon, being replaced by the Panthers and Giants. Its apart of the 'Flex' option for the night telecasts later in the season. I don't have a problem with it really. It seems the Bucs play better during the day anyway.

Tired Tuesday

Not much to comment today on last nights Bucs game or the Duke loss to Michigan the other day. Losses happen. We don't like them, but they're bound to happen. If you team won everytime out, sports would be boring and the players wouldn't be as motivated. We're still in the Playoff hunt, although its looking more like a Wildcard spot. We'll know in 2 weeks when the Panthers meet the Giants. After last night's broadcast, you'd think the Panthers were the best team ever according to ESPN.

Speaking of ESPN's broadcast in Carolina, I will say this Carolina Fans, you guys are schmucks. Pretty soon, you'll be right up there with the Eagles and Terrapin fans in being assholes. What's the deal with chunking stuff at Steve Young during the ESPN post game last night. Show some class you drunk bastards.

The broadcast crew was horrid last night. I came to realize how little I watched Monday Night Football and Countdown this season with these guys. There was pathetic analysis and lame commentary from beginning to end. I used to think Cornhieser was somewhat funny and entertaining, but not anymore. This guy has really turned into a dumbass boob. ESPN has got to do SOMETHING to improve on this product next season. Please?????

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pedroia gets extension

The Red Sox signed our favorite second baseman to a 6 yr./40.5 million contract extension today with a club option for 2015. I think its a great move to lock him up long term and I'm thrilled he'll be making the turns at the 2B bag and cranking shots off the Green Monster for years to come. Congrads to the 2007 RoY and 2008 MVP!

Habitat for Humanity Super Build

Warrick Dunn has always been a great player to watch play for the Bucs on the football field. What has impressed me more through the years is the community work in the Tampa area that he kept up despite moving to play for the Falcons in Atlanta. Now he's back in Tampa and they've got a thing going called "SuperBuild" that is pretty cool. Check it out and contribute if you wish. Several former Bucs are involved in this thesedays which builds houses for family's that can't afford one. They're looking to have one built Super Bowl Sunday and have five completed that week. That is really cool!

Boilers Bowled

Whew did the Dukies look good last night, or what? They trounced the Boilermakers 76-60 on their home court with all of the Purdue-ians looking on. It wasn't even that close most of the contest as the Blue Devils played outstanding defense and smart basketball nearly the entire game. Very impressive indeed! The boulder is rollin' now!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hype Boiling for Tonight

Purdue and Duke play tonight. The Boilermakers have won all of the previous matchups (4-0) between the teams, though it isn't like these guys play every season or anything like that. The Dukies haven't lost in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge (9-0), so somethings got to give. The Purdue practices apparently have been taken up a notch and tickets are hard to get and pricey. Purdue students have been camping out for them. What do they think this is.....Duke-UNC?

It should be a good road test for the young 'uns, but I think the depth and pace should get to the Boilermakers, and the Dukies should get out of there with a win. Bob Knight says it usually takes 10 games to figure out what you got and where you are as a team. We'll know alot on where things are after tonight. Tip time 8:00PM on ESPN.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sniff, Cough, Yak, etc.

I've been fighting a cold for the past week, and now the wife is coming down with it. Despite all of that, there's some updates:

The Bucs won over the Saints yesterday, 23-20 in the wet and cold. So much for the idiot's article about the Saints winning the South and the Bucs falling out of it. Like I've said, the division will go down to next Monday night's game in Carolina.

Jon Gruden won his 100th game as a coach becoming just the 3rd youngest (45) to do so. John Madden (41) and Bill Cowher (44) were the only others to do it younger.

The Bucs will host the Patriots on October 25, 2009 in London, England next season. They'll play at Wembley Stadium, home of the also Glazer-owned Manchester United. The Saints beat the Chargers there earlier this season.

ESPN is reporting Monte Kiffen, the Bucs defensive coordinator, will being moving on to join his son, Lane Kiffen, at Tennessee after the Bucs season is done. Geez, I hope not, but looks like it might be so. Monte wasn't talking much about it yesterday, calling it "speculation".

And wasn't it great to see Cadillac Williams score yesterday for the first time in what seems like forever. Its good to have him back and off blocks.

Oh, and the Blue Devils romped over Duquesne last Friday. They matchup against #10 Purdue tomorrow night at 8:00CST on ESPN as apart of the ACC-Big Ten challenge. Its on the Boilermakers home court so they should pose quite a challenge for the Dukies.