Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tired Tuesday

Not much to comment today on last nights Bucs game or the Duke loss to Michigan the other day. Losses happen. We don't like them, but they're bound to happen. If you team won everytime out, sports would be boring and the players wouldn't be as motivated. We're still in the Playoff hunt, although its looking more like a Wildcard spot. We'll know in 2 weeks when the Panthers meet the Giants. After last night's broadcast, you'd think the Panthers were the best team ever according to ESPN.

Speaking of ESPN's broadcast in Carolina, I will say this Carolina Fans, you guys are schmucks. Pretty soon, you'll be right up there with the Eagles and Terrapin fans in being assholes. What's the deal with chunking stuff at Steve Young during the ESPN post game last night. Show some class you drunk bastards.

The broadcast crew was horrid last night. I came to realize how little I watched Monday Night Football and Countdown this season with these guys. There was pathetic analysis and lame commentary from beginning to end. I used to think Cornhieser was somewhat funny and entertaining, but not anymore. This guy has really turned into a dumbass boob. ESPN has got to do SOMETHING to improve on this product next season. Please?????

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