Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rust? Ya think?

So, yeah, the Bucs lost the other day vs. the Jags. Things would have been a whole lot better if we hadn't gotten off to such a bad start. Garcia threw a couple of picks and the team didn't look as sharp as they did in the previous weeks. Jeff was coming back from his calf injury, so I don't think this is quite how its going to be. Even Gruden attributed the QBs erract play to rust and that he was trying to hard, and forcing things. I agree with that. Its too early to bash Jeff and say there should have been more of a push for Favre. We don't need Farve. This is a team, and we don't need such individuality that Favre would bring. Lets strap it up and bring it this week to Houston. It should be a good test on the road with a decent Texans club that has been playing pretty well this preseason too. If there were good seats at decent prices, I'd go. But I hate this thing about preseason games where they want to slip in a regular season game with the purchase as well. I don't want to see the Texans play vs. the Colts in October and get their asses kicked. I'll stay at the house and keep up with the Bucs game. Thank you very much!

Last Stadium Rumble

Tonight it starts. The last regular season series in Yankee Stadium between the Sox and Yanks. If all goes well, it will be that last in the Stadium...period. Wake starts tonight after his stint on the DL against Pettite. It should be a pretty good matchup. The Yanks need to win this series to have any real hope to make the Playoffs. I think they've been dead for weeks now. Maybe we're looking at the final nails in the coffin over the next three days.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a note today....

Lester pitched a fine ball game last night, and JBay hit a couple of dinger. Good way to start off a long road trip. It sure would be nice to keep it going tonight.

On a serious note, well wishes to Carl Yastrzemski, who was admitted into the hospital today with chest pains. Take care, Yaz!

Monday, August 18, 2008


So, the Jays get away with a rainout and two wins over the weekend. Beckett got shelled Sunday, but hey, its gonna happen sometimes. Now, Lester pitches tonight in Baltimore. Time to start another streak!

The Bucs beat the Pats last night, 27-10. Neither starter played at all due to nagging injuries. From the Bucs web, it appears the offensive line played well, and we all know how important that is.

I'm not quite set on getting into the football groove just yet. I need these Red Sox to get on a roll so I won't have to worry so much. It'd be nice if some of these other teams could help out by at least taking a series or two from the Rays. Yeah, thanks Rangers. Geez! Let's hope the Angels that came into town a couple of weeks ago and put some hurt on the Sox show up against the Rays.

Friday, August 15, 2008


This dude cracks me up. Since there wasn't much to last night's game- 10-0 whuppin' of the Rangers with Dice-K on the mound - I figured I'd link this recent ESPN the Mag story about Pedie. Especially since the Jays are coming in tonight with Doc Halladay on the mound. Keep it rollin' fellas!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lynch a Patriot?

Apparently so.


Lester was dominating last night pitching into the 8th inning, and giving up a dinger to Kinsler, before leaving with two guys on that Timlin didn't hold. Red Sox win 8-4 behind another potent attack led by Youkilis, and the whole middle of the lineup. Very nice job! The Rangers made it interesting by getting some runners on against Masterson, but he worked out of it with a double play and a pop up to end the game. Now, we go for the sweep tonight with Dice-K against a young Ranger pitcher fillin, and a Ranger line up that will be missing Josh Hamilton since he flew back to Texas for the birth of his child.

Here's a good conglomeration article on the Yankees demise as they fell further in the standings last night in a loss to the Twins. I'm not ready to RIP them, but I'll rip them when I can.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lowell on DL

There's the word - Mike Lowell placed on the DL with a strained oblique. David Pauley called up from Pawtucket.


Geez, at least the Sox won. I had to watch this on Fox Southwest with on the Rangers network announcers, which is probably hazardous to my health. I should have tapped into WRKO's call over the internet, but...call me lazy, I didn't. After watching it and reading all about it, I'm tired of it. There's enough info you can read from the SG guys and the Dirtdogs to cover it if you missed it. The bullpen continues to be a concern, though Okie came in and put the fire out with the most solid performance of the evening. That's promising!

We'll wait word on Lowell's MRI today on his strained oblique and continued hip issues. A trip to the DL seems likely. Youk will likely shuffle back over the 3rd like he did earlier in the year when Mike was out, and the Mayor will move in for some time at 1st. Zink already was optioned back to Pawtucket with Byrd's signing yesterday. We'll see if there's more action regarding a infielder later today with Lowell's results.

The Sox are on ESPN tonight 6:05 CST, with Lester pitching. We need another Ace performance to settle this series down. We're three back now with the Rays loss last night.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome Mr. Byrd

The Red Sox picked up Paul Byrd from the Indians this afternoon. I guess I'm not the only one that was worried about our pitching staff depth.

Quick Notes - 8/12

I guess a bunch of people are watching the Olympics. 143 million watch over the weekend and 107 million just on Sunday alone. Yeah, thats alot of viewers.

Jeff Garcia was back on the practice field Monday although he probably won't play against the Pats Sunday night. He's still getting over the calf injury.

Speaking of injuries, Wakefield is having some shoulder issues and will be put on the DL today when Charlie Zink is called up from Pawtucket. Zink has been in the Sox system since 2002 and is another true knuckleballer. He is 13-4 this season and hopefully he can bring some wicked stuff with him. Wake's been awesome this season with his dancing pitches, and Zink is capable of the same.

Colon maybe about ready to rejoin the big club within the next couple of weeks. He looked good just the other day. That maybe a chance to send Clay down for awhile to work on things.

The Sox start a three game set with the Rangers tonight @ 6:05 CST. Some injuries are beginning to stack up and Tito seems to have been doing a good job trying to get the players some rest in when he can. The Rays are about to feel some of the strain like we did when Papi was out in June since Longoria and Crawford are injured now and on the DL. Lets hope our guys can work through their bumps and bruises, and keep playing well. We should be able to make some ground on our 4 game deficit behind the Rays.

Ellsbury seems to have broken out from his funk and Tito has moved him back to lead off. Pedie's streak of 29 straight road games with a hit came to an end last night. He'll still keep rolling. Bay cooled off some on the road trip, but I don't think it was reasonable to expect him to maintain things at such a high level forever. Lowell and Papi are nursing their injuries. We'll need more production from the bottom of the lineup in taking on the Rangers. The team from Texas tends to score alot of runs lead by Josh Hamilton. Focus...pitchers....focus....!

Oh, and I love this! Unfortunately, he has their record wrong. As of today the Yankees are 63-56, and 9 games out of first place, and 5 games behind the Red Sox as they lead the Wild Card. The Yanks are third in the wildcard race behind the White Sox...er...the Twins...no, the White Sox. Whoever it is today or tomorrow, they are behind them, and it appears taking on water.

Home Times 2

We actually got back home just in time on Sunday to watch the last inning of the game on TBS. The Red Sox lost 6-5 after getting off to a hot start, 3 run dinger by Lowell, but Clay held to his typical form of late, by squandering it and getting pulled with no outs in the 4th. As we were driving 80mph on I-37 to San Antonio, I was hoping to get a cell update that the Red Sox were coming back and they did get a couple of runs in the 6th, but got shut down by Dotel. I didn't like him as an Astro years back, and now I have further reason to continue that forward.

Last night's game was important so that the road trip wouldn't be a total bust. Going in the team was even on the road this time, and wins away from home have been hard to come by for just about every MLB team this season. Commander Kick-Ass took the mound and brought the heat with him with 8 strong innings. Through 6 frames, it almost looked like we were seeing a repeat of what Lackey did to us a couple of weeks ago, with Danks pitching perfect. Youk and Drew took care of that, with one out-top of the 7th, with a bloop single and a strong double, with a Lowell walk in between for a 2-1 lead. Throw in some runs in the top of the 9th for a nice cushion for Paps to get some work and we have a 5-1 victory, and a 4-3 road trip.

Now the Rangers come in on a quick turn around tonight for a three game set. Checking the schedule, there's no off day until Aug.21, with the Jays in town over the weekend, before heading to Baltimore early next week. Whew guys! Keep swigging those Monsters and Red Bull.

Now, some commentary on Sunday after we checked out of the condos down south. We went to the Aquarium in Corpus which has continued to grow through the years. I don't think we've been back there since the kid was a toddler. Us guys were given the option of the Lexington or the Aquarium by the ladies. Which would you choose in 95 degree heat, and 100 percent humidity? Thats what I thought.

So, the Aquarium was nice. Not neccesarily $15 nice for a couple of hours, which was the approximate fee to get in, but hey, they preserve stuff and its a good family environment, so I let that go. It's around lunch time and no one wants to make a 3 hour trip home on an empty stomach. Within walking distance, we find a couple of places. One nice place is packed with folks, with a long enough wait that we decide to move on. We end up at a place right in front of the Lexington, with an outside deck area. Not to bad since its covered and not in direct sun to keep you from being baked.

There are some expectations that I carry when I visit a restaurant:
  1. I shouldn't have to wait for a menu, or for a server. Hey, I'm there to eat. You want my money. Let's work together on this. I can understand if the place is super busy and people are running everywhere, but this is a Sunday late morning-early afternoon, and the place wasn't hopping. Like my sister-in-law said, maybe that should've told us something in comparison to the other place we'd passed by earlier.
  2. You should keep enough common things in stock. I say this because I'm from Texas and we're notorious for drinking beer, especially when its hot, we're on a deck, and about to eat a meal. These jokers were out of Miller Lite. I was agast. I'm typically a Bud Light/Corona/Sam Adams drinker, but sis-in-law wanted a light beer from the 2nd most popular and easiest to get beer producer in the country. And they're out!
  3. Make sure the food is cooked and served warm. Bro-in-law noted his meal was alittle chilly, but he's still among the living, that I know of so far. Maybe I should check on that.
  4. Present yourself as a clean establishment. Serving drinks with crap floating in them, and disgusting bathrooms isn't the way to do that.
  5. Don't force me to tip you by adding gratuity for me. We split the check among families and it isn't like we were taking you away from other customers. Our waiter was sitting on his ass most of the time with someone at another table. He must've been aware that we weren't happy with the place or his service by tacking on gratuity to the checks. A-hole!

I'm probably missing a couple of other things, but thats enough. You get the point. We did eventually get out of there and get on home. It was a good weekend time, and kudos to the Johnson clan for the invite and being gracious hosts. We'll have to do it again sometime sooon. I think the wife is already planning......

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Homeward Bound....well...almost

Heading back home today after a weekend on the Gulf Coast. Home after a visit to the Aquarium down here after checkout. We went to a Corpus Christi Hooks game last night after a lazy day on the beach and at the condo. It was the first time I've been to Whataburger Field to see the Astros Double-A affiliate. They used to be up in Round Rock as the Express years ago, and I'd see them up there, but not since all of that changed and they moved down to Corpus. It was a pretty good game. Hooks won 4-1 against the Springfield Cardinals from the North Divison. The Hooks are the worst team in the Texas League this year, probably because Houston traded away so much talent over the past couple of years in turning over their roster. I'm glad Theo doesn't do that with the Red Sox. You have to build up your farm system to stay good over the years. Now the Astros are sucking, and their management is to blame, and deserves it.

Anyway, the Red Sox won impressively last night, 6-2, over the White Sox. I was getting alittle worried after the 6th inning update on my cell phone still showed a tied game, and not much scoring. It looks like Dice-K pitched pretty well, and was the beneficiary of several double plays. Whatever it takes, ya know. It was a relief when the alert came through on Pedroia's single and Papi's double to bust it open. Big Papi finally seems to be getting over his wrist clicking and Manny's move to L.A. Even Ellsbury hit another dinger. Keep that offense rolling, fellas! Today we got Buchholz pitching on TBS, then JB on Monday night, before heading home to welcome the Rangers.

It sure doesn't feel like football season, but those Buccaneers played last night, beating up on the Dolphins 17-6. After scanning a few notes on the game, it looks like Griese was impressive as was Michael Bennett. The defense held pretty well, with some good plays by several guys. Chris Simms even had some good stats and played well. Of course, Garcia didn't play considering his injury, and neither did Chad Pennington, who the Dolphins signed Friday to be their starter. Another thing of note is the Bucs didn't have a penalty. That means no false starts, or inopportune holdings, which is very significant. I would give the offensive line high marks for that one. They killed us with enough of that crap the last couple of seasons. Maybe we're finally getting the experience to get us past that.

I'm sure I delve into more of the Bucs game later in the week as we move back home to take on the Patriots next Sunday. I like the Red Sox, but I can't stand the Patriots. That ought to keep my blog from being listed on many, if not all, of the Red Sox rooter blogs out of Boston. Oh well. I'll keep reading them because I love their insight and opinions on the Sox, but when if come to the Bucs, I trend a different way. Let's go Pewter Pirates!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Weekend on the road

This morning I sit here on the deck of a condo between Corpus Christi and Port Aransas, tapping into the "free" wireless thats hawking "Gulfstream Condos". Its already humid, and later it'll be as hot as hell to match. The kid tells me it was cold downstairs where he bunked with his cousins, so much so he was shivering this morning. I got to agree with him somewhat since when I came out here on the deck a few minutes ago, my laptop was fogging up. I guess someone needs to check the themostat. Did I mention it'll be hot later?

So, we went over the Port A last night for dinner, and had some micro brews. Port Aransas Brewery makes a good pilsner, bock and stout if you ever get the chance to try them. The pilsner is real good if you like typical lite beers. The bock is similiar to Shiner Bock. The Stout has alittle too much coffee, and a slight chocolate after taste, but I wouldn't say it sucked. Its not Guiness mind you, but what is.

There was probably 10 screens attached to walls all around us, but none with anything I cared to followed besides the Little League Southeast Championship game. A hunting show here, boxing there, WTF on others. They turned on the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics, but other than a few odd and end events, I don't care for Olympics all that much. Of course, I couldn't listen to WRKO on my laptop because, well, I didn't have it on me, and who knows if there's wireless of there. Besides, I would've recieved some flak for it at dinner anyway.

So, that left me with following the Red Sox with scoring updates via my cell phone. It looks like Beantowners had a time with Buerle. Meanwhile, Lester gave up a few runs which hasn't been the norm lately. I did manage to tap into wireless back at the condo just after Pedie hit his dinger to pull the Sox closer 4-3. Of course, Carlos Quinten, he of the Diamondbacks "The Show" series a few years ago when he was coming up in the Minors, hits a shot off of MDC for another run to make a comeback harder. A runner gets on in the ninth but nothing more than that as the Red Sox fall 5-3 to the Pale Hose.

Dice-K is on the bump tonight. He should bring the heat and I feel the guys should pull out the victory. They've done it all year when he pitches, no matter how many walks he throws. It'll be hot here and hopefully I'll be able to catch a few innings. If not, I'll be waiting for the cell updates, hopefully not wiping off condensation to read them. The wife and kid are heading down to the beach, so I guess I better get off my ass. Bring on the heat!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Working for the weekend

The Red Sox are in Chicago to matchup with the White Sox for the weekend. The pitching rotation deals Lester, Dice-K, Buchholz, and Beckett through Monday. Down here in Texas, it looks like the Saturday game will be on WGN and the Sunday on TBS. Probably won't catch them since I'm heading to the Gulf coast now, but there's always the updates on the cell. Here's to hoping we have a winning streak (still) going when I get back.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another win on the road

Royals, schmoyals. No matter who it's against, winning on the road this season is big. You also have to win the games you're supposed to win. The Red Sox took the series with the Royals, with wins by JB and Wake, and now head to the southside of Chicago for a weekend wrap around series with the White Sox. I think winning 5 out of the last 6 would indicate some hotness. The KC series seemed to bring some bats alive, most notably Jacoby Ellsbury. How about that dinger to dead centerfield last night, eh? Here's to hoping all that continues.

Today comes word that the Red Sox are looking to pickup some depth from the Padres in a wavier wire trade for Brian Giles. I guess that sounds alright considering there's a few guys fighting through some injuries. Lowell with his hip. The freak out over Papi's wrist this week. Youk getting popped on the hand last night. At least its not broke.

The thing is Giles won't come cheap. $9 million is alot even if its late in the year and the Padres have paid him most of that already. The option for next year in lieu of the trade takes that number to $11 million. Thats not chump change. He'll have to be a real producer to make it worth while. He's been a solid player for a number of years and quite possibly could be a really good pick up. We'll see if it goes through, or gets blocked by somebody. I was just starting to get used to the idea that the club might pickup Borowski. With today's off day, both may go through.

Favre is a Jet!

Whew! Thank goodness. The Packers completed the trade of the future Hall of Famer to the Jets and NOT the Bucs. Fox Sports broke the news. This has been worrisome the past couple of weeks with the Bucs being thrown into the mix. We didn't need him. Garcia is a good QB and knows the system well enough now. Hell, wasn't making the Pro Bowl last year enough to prove that? The press would have none of it especially since Gruden and Favre go back to the old days with the Packers. Gruden was the QB coach back during that time and Holmgren sent him on the errand to pick up the QB acquistion they have recieved from the Falcons at the airport. Needless to say, they know one another. Also consider that Jon has a history of collecting QBs, like the 5 on the roster aren't enough right now.

Anyway, off Favre goes to the Jets. My condolences to Packer fans. Now maybe the Bucs can re-focus, and get down to work at camp. We've got an NFC South title to defend!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another close road game

Coming off a sweep of the A's over the weekend, confidence had to be running high in the Red Sox clubhouse. Now the road has not been kind to the club, or really anybody else this season for that matter, so reasonable expectations from the trip through KC and Chicago are to at least break even. Last night, despite a good start and a close finish in the 9th, the Sox couldn't break through on top. So, there's some work to do and we've got the right guy on the mound to do it tonight - Mr. Beckett.

No harm done last night since the Rays and Yanks both lost. It would've been night to make up a game, but hey...it happens. Its worth noting that Joba left the Yanks game in the 5th with some shoulder stiffness. We'll see what shakes out there.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Seems like last night's game was the first in a while that we weren't stressing and chewing nails about down to the wire of yet another close game. 12-2 is a pretty good spread. Couple of dingers by Youk and hey, one by that guy Jason Bay. He seems to be fitting in pretty well. Dice-K pitches this afternoon and odds are, the Sox should come out of it with a sweep before heading to KC.

From Bucs camp, word is Garcia's injury isn't serious and whats a few more reps this time of year for the backup QBs. Galloway is in camp now and should start getting into the groove early next week. The rookies are coming along and Talib has been impressive according to Coach Gruden. Can you believe there is already a preseason game on NBC tonight? Colts at Redskins. Preseason games are typically yawn-fests so I'm not sure how much it'll be worth watching, but football is on the way back!

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Jason and Jed Show

Can't forget about Wake and the bullpen, but what a BIG win tonight. Yeah, so it was against the A's and sure, it was at Fenway, but considering all the struggles and crap from the past few days - We'll take it! Jason Bay getting on base (3 times) and Jed with the RBIs knocking him in for a 2-1 win in 12 innings. Now, they don't televise NESN here in Texas and no, I didn't pay the bucks for Extra Innings or MLB.TV (even though they have a 5 day trail offer right now), but I did pay for the radio access on MLB.com, and Dale said it all tonight in his final call on WRKO..."Lowrie hustles....and he's safe! Red Sox win!" That's right, he hustled. So did Bay when he was on base the couple of times during the game (first to third on a hit and run) Now, you got to ask yourself....what would Manny have done?

Now for the rest of the season....

The July 31st trade deadline has now passed and, yeah, it took Manny, Craig and Brandon with it, but another day has dawned. Jason Bay comes in and we'll see how Tito decides to juggle the lineup. Wake takes the mound today as the A's come into town fresh off a sweep at the hands of the Royals. Sounds like a perfect chance to put events of the past week or so behind us. Hopefully the Angels will continue to pound on the Yanks like they did yesterday, and the Tigers can put some hurt on the Rays. Time to get HOT!