Saturday, August 9, 2008

Weekend on the road

This morning I sit here on the deck of a condo between Corpus Christi and Port Aransas, tapping into the "free" wireless thats hawking "Gulfstream Condos". Its already humid, and later it'll be as hot as hell to match. The kid tells me it was cold downstairs where he bunked with his cousins, so much so he was shivering this morning. I got to agree with him somewhat since when I came out here on the deck a few minutes ago, my laptop was fogging up. I guess someone needs to check the themostat. Did I mention it'll be hot later?

So, we went over the Port A last night for dinner, and had some micro brews. Port Aransas Brewery makes a good pilsner, bock and stout if you ever get the chance to try them. The pilsner is real good if you like typical lite beers. The bock is similiar to Shiner Bock. The Stout has alittle too much coffee, and a slight chocolate after taste, but I wouldn't say it sucked. Its not Guiness mind you, but what is.

There was probably 10 screens attached to walls all around us, but none with anything I cared to followed besides the Little League Southeast Championship game. A hunting show here, boxing there, WTF on others. They turned on the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics, but other than a few odd and end events, I don't care for Olympics all that much. Of course, I couldn't listen to WRKO on my laptop because, well, I didn't have it on me, and who knows if there's wireless of there. Besides, I would've recieved some flak for it at dinner anyway.

So, that left me with following the Red Sox with scoring updates via my cell phone. It looks like Beantowners had a time with Buerle. Meanwhile, Lester gave up a few runs which hasn't been the norm lately. I did manage to tap into wireless back at the condo just after Pedie hit his dinger to pull the Sox closer 4-3. Of course, Carlos Quinten, he of the Diamondbacks "The Show" series a few years ago when he was coming up in the Minors, hits a shot off of MDC for another run to make a comeback harder. A runner gets on in the ninth but nothing more than that as the Red Sox fall 5-3 to the Pale Hose.

Dice-K is on the bump tonight. He should bring the heat and I feel the guys should pull out the victory. They've done it all year when he pitches, no matter how many walks he throws. It'll be hot here and hopefully I'll be able to catch a few innings. If not, I'll be waiting for the cell updates, hopefully not wiping off condensation to read them. The wife and kid are heading down to the beach, so I guess I better get off my ass. Bring on the heat!

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