Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quick Notes - 8/12

I guess a bunch of people are watching the Olympics. 143 million watch over the weekend and 107 million just on Sunday alone. Yeah, thats alot of viewers.

Jeff Garcia was back on the practice field Monday although he probably won't play against the Pats Sunday night. He's still getting over the calf injury.

Speaking of injuries, Wakefield is having some shoulder issues and will be put on the DL today when Charlie Zink is called up from Pawtucket. Zink has been in the Sox system since 2002 and is another true knuckleballer. He is 13-4 this season and hopefully he can bring some wicked stuff with him. Wake's been awesome this season with his dancing pitches, and Zink is capable of the same.

Colon maybe about ready to rejoin the big club within the next couple of weeks. He looked good just the other day. That maybe a chance to send Clay down for awhile to work on things.

The Sox start a three game set with the Rangers tonight @ 6:05 CST. Some injuries are beginning to stack up and Tito seems to have been doing a good job trying to get the players some rest in when he can. The Rays are about to feel some of the strain like we did when Papi was out in June since Longoria and Crawford are injured now and on the DL. Lets hope our guys can work through their bumps and bruises, and keep playing well. We should be able to make some ground on our 4 game deficit behind the Rays.

Ellsbury seems to have broken out from his funk and Tito has moved him back to lead off. Pedie's streak of 29 straight road games with a hit came to an end last night. He'll still keep rolling. Bay cooled off some on the road trip, but I don't think it was reasonable to expect him to maintain things at such a high level forever. Lowell and Papi are nursing their injuries. We'll need more production from the bottom of the lineup in taking on the Rangers. The team from Texas tends to score alot of runs lead by Josh Hamilton. Focus...pitchers....focus....!

Oh, and I love this! Unfortunately, he has their record wrong. As of today the Yankees are 63-56, and 9 games out of first place, and 5 games behind the Red Sox as they lead the Wild Card. The Yanks are third in the wildcard race behind the White Sox...er...the Twins...no, the White Sox. Whoever it is today or tomorrow, they are behind them, and it appears taking on water.

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