Thursday, July 31, 2008

Manny to the Dodgers? Wow!

It's been a long time comin'. The annual Manny whine-fest has finally reached it peak, and exploded. From what ESPN and SI are reporting, Jason Bay will be on his way to Beantown, and the Baseball Bucs are getting Brandon Moss and Craig Hansen from the Sox. Sorry to see Moss, he of the season's first homerun and some of the depth behind Drew, and Hansen from the bullpen, depart the club. Best of luck and well wishes.

Thus we can declare this the end of the Manny era, and put it in the past. Lets hope the Sox can get back to the real business tomorrow, and focus, when the A's come in. So long to ManRam! C'ya!

Lynch done?

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Free agency is one of the facts of life in the NFL, and often favorite players come and go with the years. One of the Bucs all time greats that was tough to lose a few years ago was John Lynch. Through cost cutting measures to get under the salary cap, and some premature speculation that he was pretty much done anyway at his "advanced age", it was hard to see him go. He was a role model on and off the field - A leader in the locker room and in the community.

Now comes word that he's leaving the Broncos. This time he just might be done for real. There's not many football players with the class and character like John Lynch, or that could lower the boom on a ball carrier like he could, and did. If this turns out to be it, well.....we'll probably see him on Sunday NFL telecasts somewhere, and eventually on the steps of Canton in a fitted HOF jacket.

Salute to ya #47!

In the beginning.....

Ok here we go. I finally decided to do this thing.

I've been browsing and scanning through too many blogs for too long now to not have one of my own where I can say my piece. I'm grateful to the many Red Sox blog lists to finally push me over the edge. ;) At least I can delgate some blame somewhere. Isn't that what most Sport Fans "do" these days? Hopefully something will come out of this.

Smash the bottle on the bow!
Shoot off the fireworks!

Because here goes somethin'.