Saturday, September 27, 2008

Here comes the rain!

And here she comes again. Here comes the rain! Thats a take from an old Cult song from one of their first albums after they changed their name. Come on! Some of ya'll had to be around back then for the wild hair and makeup....and the good music. Eh?

Anyhoo....they MFYs won last night after a 90 minute rain delay, and Dice-K was pulled from starting so he didn't suffer any effects from pitching under the wet conditions. Good move, I think, especially now that the Sox are definitely the AL Wild Card. It weird to have these Yankee games not mean anything. I find I really don't care just as long as we get and keep everybody as healthy as possible for next weeks ALDS series in Anahiem. Already today's games is delayed and I checked the radar. It sure don't look good. Let's give everybody the rest of the weekend off and head to Cali. Maybe we can delay Pesky's number retirement to the ALDS, too.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Let's finish this thing

It comes down to the last series of the regular season. The Red Sox have a slim chance at taking the division with the Rays though its not likely, but its still there. We might as well take out some frustration out on the Yankees, who already have their own axe to grind, having had their playoff run put to rest already. Dice-K goes for his 19th win (amazing considering ....right?) who has been very solid these past few weeks. The MFY send a rookie to the mound in Alfredo Aceves, who's out there for evalution purposes. Let's chalk another one up.

Bucs have the Packers into town Sunday. The Cheeseheads are coming off a home loss to the Cowpatties last Sunday night. Hopefully, they'll continue to mope about it because they shouldn't have lost like that to the jokers in Dallas. The Bucs are favored so we'll see how that goes. If they limit any big plays and play smart, they should be able to take it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sadder than Sad

The 3-month-old son of Bucs kicker Matt Bryant died Wednesday morning in his sleep. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Matt and his wife Melissa during this tough time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sox are Wild!

I'm sure now that you're reading this, you've been to other blogs that have documented the celebration of the Red Sox clinching the Wild Card last night. Heck, pick any from the Red Sox blog list to the right and you'll get your fill. A couple of them struck me as especially funny, and hit home with me.

The Mighty Quinn reminds us of the boob that leads the crumbling Evil Empire is a horses ass, which cracked me up. Hank is upset that the system doesn't fit his team right so they can make the playoffs every season. His comparison to the Dodgers, who coincidently are in the National League West, is absurd. Dude, stick a sock in your pie hole and enjoy watching the Playoffs.

The Texas Gals Clinched: This is 2008 post, provides something I feel is important. Judge and respect this season's team on its own merits, not on the Red Sox of 2004 and 2007. The journeys have be sooo different with ups and downs, situations to overcome, mountains to climb, et al. Thats one of my favorite things of being a sports fan, and something I've picked up from reading Coach K's books, and following Duke through the years- every season is its own unique journey. It makes every season special.

Now the task to win the Division doesn't look as promising after the O's went belly up last night against the Rays, but its still possible. Let's root for the team to finish strong and win out, and whatever happens.....happens. No matter how it turns out, it has been a helluva journey.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This should be it!

If there ever was a night the Sox need to win, and the Rays need to lose, it is tonight. Sure, the Sox lost last night despite the Commander being on the mound, but I think tonight is the bigger game, and the tougher draw. The Rays and Orioles play a double header, and we need the O's to sweep that. Thats a pretty big request, though they are playing at Camden. Secondly, the Red Sox need to wail on Cliff Lee, the potential AL Cy Young winner, and pull out a win of whatever kind. It'll be tough, but when has it been easy this season for anything. Weird crap and all, the Red Sox are on the cusp of clinching a playoff berth. Lets make the best of it with a good showing tonight. And.....may the umps stay out of the way tonight, aight! Thats not too much to ask.

Monday, September 22, 2008

How 'bout dem apples?

It turned out to be a pretty sweet Sunday, and a good weekend for that matter. Oh, yes, it could've been better. The Yankees could've lost in their last home game of the season, and in their "Stadium", and the Cowpatties could've gone down to the Packers, but, Hey, I'm not complaining.

The Red Sox continued to drive towards the AL East lead with the Rays. Dice-K looked strong yesterday as they club took the series over the Jays. Thanks to the Twins, the Sox were able to move up a game and now reside just one and a half games back with the final week to go. Its not going to be easy, but the Indians and Yankees are beatable. JB on the mound tonight to get it started.

I listened to the Buc game yesterday on Sirius, while watching the Red Sox play on TBS. I really was frustrated with all of the turnovers. Hey, that's always been a focus with Gruden - minimize turnovers and penalties. You never want to become one dimensional, but the Bears were playing the run tough with all of the blitzes. Amazingly, despite those blitzes, Griese was able to throw the ball a team record 67 times, and even more astoundly, without a single sack.

The Bucs came from being down 10 late in the middle of the 4th quarter, to tie it up and force overtime. Heck, FOX even broke in and I got to see some of the game for a bit. I was really thinking the offense would go down and score on the first drive in OT, but an intentional grounding call kinda took care of that. A few meanderings later and the Bucs ended up deep in their own end appearing to have their backs up against the wall when the Bears were called for unsportsmanlike conduct. With new life, the Bucs drove down quickly and deep into Chicago territory, and kicked the game winning field goal. What a great win!

What an amazing performance by the Bucs offensive line, and wide receivers. Yes, you could say Griese as well, but he did throw some INTs that put the team in a bind before getting hot late. The "O" line has been so highly criticized through the years, and the Bucs have been building a solid nucleus for what seems like an eternity. Even with Joseph out, they were still strong. Run blocking could've been better, but with a stout Bears D shooting the gaps on almost every play, thats not to be expected.

And where have these receivers been. Another often maligned position seemed to suddenly shine without the #1 option in Galloway. Bryant, Hilliard and Clayton had over 20 catches, as well as Jerramy Stevens returning to action to catch 5 and a score. There were other TEs and backs that caught balls to, but when do you remember getting this sort of output from the WRs. Hilliard has always been a solid option, but everybody's been on Clayton's ass since he's failed to follow up his rookies campaign. Bryant has bounced all over the place, including the hated Cowdungs, but he caught 10 balls yesterday. Totally unexpected and for once, the WRs were impressive. I seem to remember Stovall dropping a few, and there were more that could've been had by everybody, but hey, they caught enough. 2-1 is very nice with the Packers coming into RJS after getting beat last night. Let's keep it going!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big Stick Goes Boom!

I'm in a rock n' roll mood today. Krokus had a song back in the mid-80's, just the other day for some of us folks, called "Long Stick Goes Boom." Well, last night the Sox had their sticks out and they went boom! Too the tune of six home runs and a 13-5 whuppin' of the Rays at their house. All the talking heads can shut their face now about who's won where. Let's see where things go from here with the AL East tied up for the first time in what seems like forever. Commander Kick-Ass on the mound and some revenge to make up from the No Decision last week at home vs. Sonnanstine.
Oh, and Sirius has dedicated the Octane channel to AC/DC for a while, all day and night. We should see some High Voltage again from the Red Sox tonight. Let there be Rock!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Trop-ick Hits

Fortunately we didn't see too much from Ike up in Central Texas over the weekend, but one of the Family's favorite weekend trip spots got ravaged. Galveston and the Houston area will never be the same. It really hit close to home in more ways than just the fact that its a few hours down the road from us. Its surreal to think of all of the weather press staying along Seawall at places we've been, and the roads, sites, and houses around town being turned into sopping wet junk piles. Man, its just horrific! Take care Texan Brothers and Sisters! God be with you!

On a less important note, the Bucs won with Griese at the helm and things went better this weekend with a win over the Falcons, and their rookie QB. Things sure felt good when Earnest broke out on his 68 yard run there late in the 4th quarter to pretty much seal the deal. Now, looks like Griese will be the starter against Chicago next week. Sounds good to me. He was rolling a few years ago for us before he got hurt, so lets see where we go from here.

Lastly, the Red Sox managed to work a series win out of the Jays series while the Yanks took some sting out of the Rays, leading to just a 1 game deficit and a series kicking off tonight at Tropicana Field tonight. Dice-K against Kazmir, both getting a no decision last week. Here's to hoping Dice can be effective and keep his pitch count down, while the bats roll all over the Rays. I'm sick of hearing all this "the Rays won at Fenway, but the Sox haven't won at the Trop." Well, that should change TONIGHT! Make it so!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Goes by in a flash

From the date stamp of the previous post, its been since JB's last mound visit that I've posted. Since then:

Rangers followed up with an ass-kicking the following night with Wake on the mound.

Byrd was solid to close out and win the series over the Rangers.

Bucs blew coverage, then came from behind, and then forgot to tackle Reggie Bush. They made a drive down in the final seconds for Garcia to throw a desperation INT to lose to the Saints.

Lester showed up large to bring the Sox to within a 1/2 game of the Rays.

Paps blows his 5th save of the year in the 9th, and 3rd consecutive day pitching, after Bay hits a homer for his 3rd consecutive game when the Sox take their first lead in the 8th.

So, alot has happened. Now to the present:

JB will be back out there vs. the Rays tonight for the Sox to take the series and let the punks out of town still holding a lead in the division.

Griese gets the start on Sunday since Garcia hasn't played well after being slowed in camp with his calf injury, and has a swollen ankle.

Derrick Brooks is questionable with a hamstring. He's never missed a Bucs game in his career of 209 games.

Oh, and if you haven't heard: The Patriots lose Brady for the year and there's a storm brewin' in the Gulf that looks to be heading this way. Might be time to take cover.

Hurricane Ike - Courtesy of TWC

Friday, September 5, 2008

Things are about to get crazy!!!

This has been an odd summer, the first one in many years that I haven't coached baseball on my son's team. He had played baseball every spring since he was 4 with something that was like pre-TeeBall. Now he's 11 and he didn't want to play this season. It was a definite change for the both of us, and a sign for me that he's growing up. Next year he'll be playing sports for the school in 7th grade. Geez! I'm getting old!

The sudden influx of "free time" has allowed me to follow more pro baseball this season and keep up with the Red Sox more than I typically have been able to. The Missus is probably about sick of hearing about their latest exploits on damn near every freakin' day! She hasn't said anything, but I wouldn't blame her. The Sox visit Arlington this weekend and earlier in the year I had thought we'd try to make it up there for the weekend. No matter how much supposed extra time you appear to have, things tend to come up out of nowhere and those plans didn't work out. So, I'll be scrounging for game coverage on FOX Southwest all weekend, and putting up with the Rangers announcers. Oh Joy! One cool thing though is JB is on the bump tonight and FOX SW is showing that in HD. Let's have a good one and keep this streak going. Rays are up only 3.5 now.

The Bucs come to the watery town of New Orleans to kick off their regular season. I'm still not sure I'm ready for some football. I guess thats because I've been able to be hardcore baseball fan this summer. Aw, I know I'll come around. I was contemplating the trip to N.O. for the game, but in my opinion, football is better on TV. I just can't see paying $75 for a crappy seat, and $8/beer, when the one at home in front of the big screen with a six pack of pints is so much more enjoyable. I'm almost positive I'll be stuck with the Cowboy game and others I could give a crap about other than Fantasy points, so I'll have to follow the game via Sirius and the internet. Lord knows there are worse things. Go Sox and Bucs!