Monday, September 15, 2008

Trop-ick Hits

Fortunately we didn't see too much from Ike up in Central Texas over the weekend, but one of the Family's favorite weekend trip spots got ravaged. Galveston and the Houston area will never be the same. It really hit close to home in more ways than just the fact that its a few hours down the road from us. Its surreal to think of all of the weather press staying along Seawall at places we've been, and the roads, sites, and houses around town being turned into sopping wet junk piles. Man, its just horrific! Take care Texan Brothers and Sisters! God be with you!

On a less important note, the Bucs won with Griese at the helm and things went better this weekend with a win over the Falcons, and their rookie QB. Things sure felt good when Earnest broke out on his 68 yard run there late in the 4th quarter to pretty much seal the deal. Now, looks like Griese will be the starter against Chicago next week. Sounds good to me. He was rolling a few years ago for us before he got hurt, so lets see where we go from here.

Lastly, the Red Sox managed to work a series win out of the Jays series while the Yanks took some sting out of the Rays, leading to just a 1 game deficit and a series kicking off tonight at Tropicana Field tonight. Dice-K against Kazmir, both getting a no decision last week. Here's to hoping Dice can be effective and keep his pitch count down, while the bats roll all over the Rays. I'm sick of hearing all this "the Rays won at Fenway, but the Sox haven't won at the Trop." Well, that should change TONIGHT! Make it so!

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