Friday, September 26, 2008

Let's finish this thing

It comes down to the last series of the regular season. The Red Sox have a slim chance at taking the division with the Rays though its not likely, but its still there. We might as well take out some frustration out on the Yankees, who already have their own axe to grind, having had their playoff run put to rest already. Dice-K goes for his 19th win (amazing considering ....right?) who has been very solid these past few weeks. The MFY send a rookie to the mound in Alfredo Aceves, who's out there for evalution purposes. Let's chalk another one up.

Bucs have the Packers into town Sunday. The Cheeseheads are coming off a home loss to the Cowpatties last Sunday night. Hopefully, they'll continue to mope about it because they shouldn't have lost like that to the jokers in Dallas. The Bucs are favored so we'll see how that goes. If they limit any big plays and play smart, they should be able to take it.

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