Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sox are Wild!

I'm sure now that you're reading this, you've been to other blogs that have documented the celebration of the Red Sox clinching the Wild Card last night. Heck, pick any from the Red Sox blog list to the right and you'll get your fill. A couple of them struck me as especially funny, and hit home with me.

The Mighty Quinn reminds us of the boob that leads the crumbling Evil Empire is a horses ass, which cracked me up. Hank is upset that the system doesn't fit his team right so they can make the playoffs every season. His comparison to the Dodgers, who coincidently are in the National League West, is absurd. Dude, stick a sock in your pie hole and enjoy watching the Playoffs.

The Texas Gals Clinched: This is 2008 post, provides something I feel is important. Judge and respect this season's team on its own merits, not on the Red Sox of 2004 and 2007. The journeys have be sooo different with ups and downs, situations to overcome, mountains to climb, et al. Thats one of my favorite things of being a sports fan, and something I've picked up from reading Coach K's books, and following Duke through the years- every season is its own unique journey. It makes every season special.

Now the task to win the Division doesn't look as promising after the O's went belly up last night against the Rays, but its still possible. Let's root for the team to finish strong and win out, and whatever happens.....happens. No matter how it turns out, it has been a helluva journey.

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