Monday, September 22, 2008

How 'bout dem apples?

It turned out to be a pretty sweet Sunday, and a good weekend for that matter. Oh, yes, it could've been better. The Yankees could've lost in their last home game of the season, and in their "Stadium", and the Cowpatties could've gone down to the Packers, but, Hey, I'm not complaining.

The Red Sox continued to drive towards the AL East lead with the Rays. Dice-K looked strong yesterday as they club took the series over the Jays. Thanks to the Twins, the Sox were able to move up a game and now reside just one and a half games back with the final week to go. Its not going to be easy, but the Indians and Yankees are beatable. JB on the mound tonight to get it started.

I listened to the Buc game yesterday on Sirius, while watching the Red Sox play on TBS. I really was frustrated with all of the turnovers. Hey, that's always been a focus with Gruden - minimize turnovers and penalties. You never want to become one dimensional, but the Bears were playing the run tough with all of the blitzes. Amazingly, despite those blitzes, Griese was able to throw the ball a team record 67 times, and even more astoundly, without a single sack.

The Bucs came from being down 10 late in the middle of the 4th quarter, to tie it up and force overtime. Heck, FOX even broke in and I got to see some of the game for a bit. I was really thinking the offense would go down and score on the first drive in OT, but an intentional grounding call kinda took care of that. A few meanderings later and the Bucs ended up deep in their own end appearing to have their backs up against the wall when the Bears were called for unsportsmanlike conduct. With new life, the Bucs drove down quickly and deep into Chicago territory, and kicked the game winning field goal. What a great win!

What an amazing performance by the Bucs offensive line, and wide receivers. Yes, you could say Griese as well, but he did throw some INTs that put the team in a bind before getting hot late. The "O" line has been so highly criticized through the years, and the Bucs have been building a solid nucleus for what seems like an eternity. Even with Joseph out, they were still strong. Run blocking could've been better, but with a stout Bears D shooting the gaps on almost every play, thats not to be expected.

And where have these receivers been. Another often maligned position seemed to suddenly shine without the #1 option in Galloway. Bryant, Hilliard and Clayton had over 20 catches, as well as Jerramy Stevens returning to action to catch 5 and a score. There were other TEs and backs that caught balls to, but when do you remember getting this sort of output from the WRs. Hilliard has always been a solid option, but everybody's been on Clayton's ass since he's failed to follow up his rookies campaign. Bryant has bounced all over the place, including the hated Cowdungs, but he caught 10 balls yesterday. Totally unexpected and for once, the WRs were impressive. I seem to remember Stovall dropping a few, and there were more that could've been had by everybody, but hey, they caught enough. 2-1 is very nice with the Packers coming into RJS after getting beat last night. Let's keep it going!

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