Saturday, September 27, 2008

Here comes the rain!

And here she comes again. Here comes the rain! Thats a take from an old Cult song from one of their first albums after they changed their name. Come on! Some of ya'll had to be around back then for the wild hair and makeup....and the good music. Eh?

Anyhoo....they MFYs won last night after a 90 minute rain delay, and Dice-K was pulled from starting so he didn't suffer any effects from pitching under the wet conditions. Good move, I think, especially now that the Sox are definitely the AL Wild Card. It weird to have these Yankee games not mean anything. I find I really don't care just as long as we get and keep everybody as healthy as possible for next weeks ALDS series in Anahiem. Already today's games is delayed and I checked the radar. It sure don't look good. Let's give everybody the rest of the weekend off and head to Cali. Maybe we can delay Pesky's number retirement to the ALDS, too.

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