Friday, September 5, 2008

Things are about to get crazy!!!

This has been an odd summer, the first one in many years that I haven't coached baseball on my son's team. He had played baseball every spring since he was 4 with something that was like pre-TeeBall. Now he's 11 and he didn't want to play this season. It was a definite change for the both of us, and a sign for me that he's growing up. Next year he'll be playing sports for the school in 7th grade. Geez! I'm getting old!

The sudden influx of "free time" has allowed me to follow more pro baseball this season and keep up with the Red Sox more than I typically have been able to. The Missus is probably about sick of hearing about their latest exploits on damn near every freakin' day! She hasn't said anything, but I wouldn't blame her. The Sox visit Arlington this weekend and earlier in the year I had thought we'd try to make it up there for the weekend. No matter how much supposed extra time you appear to have, things tend to come up out of nowhere and those plans didn't work out. So, I'll be scrounging for game coverage on FOX Southwest all weekend, and putting up with the Rangers announcers. Oh Joy! One cool thing though is JB is on the bump tonight and FOX SW is showing that in HD. Let's have a good one and keep this streak going. Rays are up only 3.5 now.

The Bucs come to the watery town of New Orleans to kick off their regular season. I'm still not sure I'm ready for some football. I guess thats because I've been able to be hardcore baseball fan this summer. Aw, I know I'll come around. I was contemplating the trip to N.O. for the game, but in my opinion, football is better on TV. I just can't see paying $75 for a crappy seat, and $8/beer, when the one at home in front of the big screen with a six pack of pints is so much more enjoyable. I'm almost positive I'll be stuck with the Cowboy game and others I could give a crap about other than Fantasy points, so I'll have to follow the game via Sirius and the internet. Lord knows there are worse things. Go Sox and Bucs!

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