Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Goes by in a flash

From the date stamp of the previous post, its been since JB's last mound visit that I've posted. Since then:

Rangers followed up with an ass-kicking the following night with Wake on the mound.

Byrd was solid to close out and win the series over the Rangers.

Bucs blew coverage, then came from behind, and then forgot to tackle Reggie Bush. They made a drive down in the final seconds for Garcia to throw a desperation INT to lose to the Saints.

Lester showed up large to bring the Sox to within a 1/2 game of the Rays.

Paps blows his 5th save of the year in the 9th, and 3rd consecutive day pitching, after Bay hits a homer for his 3rd consecutive game when the Sox take their first lead in the 8th.

So, alot has happened. Now to the present:

JB will be back out there vs. the Rays tonight for the Sox to take the series and let the punks out of town still holding a lead in the division.

Griese gets the start on Sunday since Garcia hasn't played well after being slowed in camp with his calf injury, and has a swollen ankle.

Derrick Brooks is questionable with a hamstring. He's never missed a Bucs game in his career of 209 games.

Oh, and if you haven't heard: The Patriots lose Brady for the year and there's a storm brewin' in the Gulf that looks to be heading this way. Might be time to take cover.

Hurricane Ike - Courtesy of TWC

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