Thursday, August 7, 2008

Favre is a Jet!

Whew! Thank goodness. The Packers completed the trade of the future Hall of Famer to the Jets and NOT the Bucs. Fox Sports broke the news. This has been worrisome the past couple of weeks with the Bucs being thrown into the mix. We didn't need him. Garcia is a good QB and knows the system well enough now. Hell, wasn't making the Pro Bowl last year enough to prove that? The press would have none of it especially since Gruden and Favre go back to the old days with the Packers. Gruden was the QB coach back during that time and Holmgren sent him on the errand to pick up the QB acquistion they have recieved from the Falcons at the airport. Needless to say, they know one another. Also consider that Jon has a history of collecting QBs, like the 5 on the roster aren't enough right now.

Anyway, off Favre goes to the Jets. My condolences to Packer fans. Now maybe the Bucs can re-focus, and get down to work at camp. We've got an NFC South title to defend!

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