Sunday, August 3, 2008


Seems like last night's game was the first in a while that we weren't stressing and chewing nails about down to the wire of yet another close game. 12-2 is a pretty good spread. Couple of dingers by Youk and hey, one by that guy Jason Bay. He seems to be fitting in pretty well. Dice-K pitches this afternoon and odds are, the Sox should come out of it with a sweep before heading to KC.

From Bucs camp, word is Garcia's injury isn't serious and whats a few more reps this time of year for the backup QBs. Galloway is in camp now and should start getting into the groove early next week. The rookies are coming along and Talib has been impressive according to Coach Gruden. Can you believe there is already a preseason game on NBC tonight? Colts at Redskins. Preseason games are typically yawn-fests so I'm not sure how much it'll be worth watching, but football is on the way back!

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