Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another close road game

Coming off a sweep of the A's over the weekend, confidence had to be running high in the Red Sox clubhouse. Now the road has not been kind to the club, or really anybody else this season for that matter, so reasonable expectations from the trip through KC and Chicago are to at least break even. Last night, despite a good start and a close finish in the 9th, the Sox couldn't break through on top. So, there's some work to do and we've got the right guy on the mound to do it tonight - Mr. Beckett.

No harm done last night since the Rays and Yanks both lost. It would've been night to make up a game, but hey...it happens. Its worth noting that Joba left the Yanks game in the 5th with some shoulder stiffness. We'll see what shakes out there.

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