Sunday, August 10, 2008

Homeward Bound....well...almost

Heading back home today after a weekend on the Gulf Coast. Home after a visit to the Aquarium down here after checkout. We went to a Corpus Christi Hooks game last night after a lazy day on the beach and at the condo. It was the first time I've been to Whataburger Field to see the Astros Double-A affiliate. They used to be up in Round Rock as the Express years ago, and I'd see them up there, but not since all of that changed and they moved down to Corpus. It was a pretty good game. Hooks won 4-1 against the Springfield Cardinals from the North Divison. The Hooks are the worst team in the Texas League this year, probably because Houston traded away so much talent over the past couple of years in turning over their roster. I'm glad Theo doesn't do that with the Red Sox. You have to build up your farm system to stay good over the years. Now the Astros are sucking, and their management is to blame, and deserves it.

Anyway, the Red Sox won impressively last night, 6-2, over the White Sox. I was getting alittle worried after the 6th inning update on my cell phone still showed a tied game, and not much scoring. It looks like Dice-K pitched pretty well, and was the beneficiary of several double plays. Whatever it takes, ya know. It was a relief when the alert came through on Pedroia's single and Papi's double to bust it open. Big Papi finally seems to be getting over his wrist clicking and Manny's move to L.A. Even Ellsbury hit another dinger. Keep that offense rolling, fellas! Today we got Buchholz pitching on TBS, then JB on Monday night, before heading home to welcome the Rangers.

It sure doesn't feel like football season, but those Buccaneers played last night, beating up on the Dolphins 17-6. After scanning a few notes on the game, it looks like Griese was impressive as was Michael Bennett. The defense held pretty well, with some good plays by several guys. Chris Simms even had some good stats and played well. Of course, Garcia didn't play considering his injury, and neither did Chad Pennington, who the Dolphins signed Friday to be their starter. Another thing of note is the Bucs didn't have a penalty. That means no false starts, or inopportune holdings, which is very significant. I would give the offensive line high marks for that one. They killed us with enough of that crap the last couple of seasons. Maybe we're finally getting the experience to get us past that.

I'm sure I delve into more of the Bucs game later in the week as we move back home to take on the Patriots next Sunday. I like the Red Sox, but I can't stand the Patriots. That ought to keep my blog from being listed on many, if not all, of the Red Sox rooter blogs out of Boston. Oh well. I'll keep reading them because I love their insight and opinions on the Sox, but when if come to the Bucs, I trend a different way. Let's go Pewter Pirates!

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