Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bucs Playoff Scenarios

The Bucs lost a tough one in Atlanta Sunday. The defense played alot better obviously than they did the previous Monday night against the Panthers. It is amazing that no NFC South team has won on the road in the division this season. Brian Griese filled in ok for Jeff Garcia, but the team really missed having a mobile QB back there. Griese just couldn't seem to move his feet to escape pressure and it really cost the Bucs late in the game.

Just the same, the Bucs still control their own destiny in the playoff run. With the Chargers and Raiders coming to RJS over the next two weeks, they should be able to make the Playoffs, and hopefully the Cowboys will fade. Here's a good breakdown of the Bucs playoff scenarios and what all needs to happen for the Bucs to still even win the Division. Its not over yet!*

*C'mon Jeff! Get well, Bro!

Oh, and a note from yesterday. Greg White has legally changed his name to Stylez G. White. Fans of the 80's "Teen Wolf" Micheal J. Fox movie unite!

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