Monday, December 29, 2008

Bucs done, but Pokes roasted

I wasn't going to post today, but its been awhile now, sooooo here it goes:

The Bucs lost their last 4 games to wipe out any post season play. It all culminated with yesterday's disasterous loss to the lowly (read: sucky) Raiders, 31-24. The pain from coughing up yet another 4th quarter lead pales to the potential serious injury Carnell "Cadillac" Williams suffered yesterday to his left (read: other) knee. The Bucs had the lead, were driving, and Cadillac was finishing off a great run when it happened. After that, the air seemed to go right out of the Bucs as the drive stalled, the defense gaped open for Micheal Bush of the Raiders to score on a long run, and Garcia tossed an INT the next time the Bucs got the ball. Horrific all around.

The head coach takes the hit when things like this happen, and rightly so since he's the guy in charge and its his staff. All of this did seem to go sour when it became known that Monte Kiffen was leaving to coach with his son at Tennessee. Couldn't all of that waited until the end of the season? I guess not. Anyway, they sucked, and it all sucks.

The Bucs loss early in the afternoon left me to watch the Cowboys meltdown against the Eagles. At least the Bucs showed some remorse for their sad showing. The Cowboys just seemed glad that it was over, and basically just quit.

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