Friday, December 12, 2008

New road unis

I guess I should mention the releasing of the Red Sox new road uniforms yesterday. I'm pretty impartial to it all - except to the new alternate road cap. I'm not too keen on just the "Two Socks" look on the cap replacing the Boston "B". Here's the most pictures of the unveiling that I can find courtesy of the Texas Gal at Centerfield.

On the Bucs front, because its still Football season even though the Hot Stove is heating up for baseball, they've got a big game in Atlanta Sunday. We took these guys down 24-9 on Sept. 14th, and I think (hope) we can do it again. With a Buc win and some losing in the NFC East, the Bucs can clinch at least a playoff spot this week. Here's to not taking this down to the last weekend Bucs.

Still after clinching early last year and resting guys thus resulting in a loss to the Giants, it may not be a bad idea to remain competitive through week 17. Of course, after last Monday night, we'll need to push hard to win the division now. That should keep things rolling as long as we can stay/get healthy.

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