Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday's all around

Yesterday was my oldest son, Zach's, 21st birthday, if you can believe that! I can actually send him out for beer now instead of just milk and the assorted grocery items. It hardly seems possible that its been 16 years since I was dropping the kid on his head while holding him up by the ankles. If you know him, that kind of explains alot, doesn't it? (I kid.) sure does fly. We've got a big party planned this weekend to celebrate in style. Hope the weather, and Karen and I, can hold up through it all.

Additionally, one of Karen's cousin's had a birthday yesterday, and somebody else I think. And I find out today is Terry "Tito" Francona's 51st birthday, along with one of Karen's co-workers. Man, it just seems to be a theme this week in my world.

Speaking of the Sox, two walk off wins in a row against the Rangers at Fenway. One by practically a nobody anybody knew in Darnell McDonald on Tuesday night and Youk last night in the 12th inning. Thats a pretty exciting way to get out of a funk and start a winning streak, don't ya think?

You would think having the Red Sox play a team closer to where I live would be a good thing, but down here in Astro-land, Fox Southwest seems to have a problem showing the Rangers when they play the Sox. It's been hell trying to find the game on the tube, and what makes it worse is MLB.TV is blacked out, so I have to catch the radio call, if anything at all. Not that I'm complaining about the source to which I am forced, because I love listening to Joe Castiglione and company, but I'd love even more to actually SEE the game. I was fortunate to watch the MLB network cut in last night for Youk's hit. Other than highlights, thats been about it this week.

Double HH is on the hill tonight. It would be nice for the Sox to take control in the early innings and win one easy for a change. I'll be taking the family out for Zach's B-day margarita tonight, so I'll be tuning in late. Today's song was from the man, Bob Seger, "Against The Wind". Thats one of those songs I know all the words to, and wail it out when its on. (By myself of course.) If it were to catch me in the right frame of mind, its been known to make me alittle misty-eyed. Kinda like when you see your kids growing up, and the years passing you by like you're standing still.

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