Thursday, May 6, 2010

Say Blah

I've had a case of the "blahs" lately. It could be worse. At least its not a case of the "Mondays". It'll all work itself out eventually. Kind of like the Red Sox working out of the crap that was their visit to Baltimore last weekend, and getting swept. Now they've come back strong with three win at home against the Angels. A win tonight and they sweep. I was poking around the Baseball Reference and Scott Kazmir is the 5th most pitcher that Pedroia has faced in his career. Pedey has faced him 36 times and sports a .517/.600/.793/1.393 line. I say he has a good game tonight on tap.

Song of today was "As One" by the Dropkick Murphys. I was feeling the aggressive spirit this morning, and I can't say its faded much since. Maybe a trip to the gym this afternoon will take some of it out of me. I typically boarder on getting myself in trouble otherwise. At least I'm prepped for Sunday and next Friday (Karen's B-day). First time thats happened in a couple of years, so it'll all be alright.

"It'll all be alright."

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