Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fine line between safe and out

Sure, I get after the umpires as much as anybody. Last night's missed call by Jim Joyce was terrible. Obviously it was even more magnified coming on what would've been the final out of a perfect game. However, as someone who considers himself a purist of the game, I realize that this will happen since we are relying on humans to make the split second judgements and fair decisions.

I don't wish for replay to enter into the picture for anything more than help with homerun calls, etc., and I definitely wouldn't be calling for Jim Joyce's head even if his flub had happened against the Red Sox. I think (hope) I would handle it as Jim Leland has. "Its a shame, but thats part of the game." Like he was, I would be upset initially at the call, probably blow my top, but in the end would understand these things happen. Like Tito commented this morning, "The game's the game. Play the game. Nobody's perfect."

At least Joyce admitted his mistake, and was truly apologetic to Galarraga.In return, Galarraga dealt with it with class as well. Sure everybody missed out on what was another bookmark in baseball history. Still this stuff is going to happen, and I'm glad the people that were involved were grown up enough to handle it properly. This was a show of good sportsmanship and set an example to the kids on dealing with what is really a minor situation in the real world. If only Fans could be as understanding.

Today's song was "Your Sweet Eyes" by Eric Johnson, one of our local Austin musicians and one helluva guitar player. Red Sox play this afternoon and hopefully they'll continue their winning ways through what should be considered an easier part of the schedule. Wakefield on the mound at 12:35.

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