Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hump Day

There's not alot to say when the Bucs laid an egg this past Sunday against the Cowpatties, in a game they really should have won. The Cowpukes offense was pathetic with Brad Johnson at the helm. Of course the Bucs played down to their level and were unable to cash in on red zone chances, settling for field goals which always seems to come back to haunt you. The officials did their part by calling some questionable penalties at the end of the first half, four of them to be exact, that contributed tremendously to the Cowboobs scoring the only TD of the game. That turned out to be enough and the difference. Even so, the Bucs should've played better, but thats how the toilet flushes some times.

Sorry for all of the 'crappy' references this round, but it just makes me sick for the Bucs to lay a turd like this against such an inept team. Now, they face the KC Chiefs this week before the bye week. Sounds like a perfect chance to add to the W column. They've had their share of drama lately like Dallas.

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