Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How Divine!

After all of the big plays in the Red Sox 3-2 win over the Angels last night to clinch the ALDS series, you almost have the believe it is so. Lester's strong pitching performance. Sparkling defense. Angels not executing again and the Red Sox taking advantage. Bay's 9th inning double and Lowrie's clutch two out single, Bay sliding in to win. Awesome!
I read about some of the heated moping by the Angels, and their claims of being the better team. Well, small things get accentuated dramatically in the Playoffs. Yeah, the bloop hits and the misplays weren't the best of scenerios, but they were effective and enough to win the series in four games. So, sayonera to the Angels. Enjoy the offseason, and congratulations on a great regular season. The Red Sox are moving on, leaving you in the dust yet again. Take your crybaby asses back on home to Cali.

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