Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not Dead Yet!

Tonight is why as a sports fan you watch sports! Red Sox were dead in the water into the 7th inning, down 7-0. Bing-Bang-BOOM! Drew's single in the bottom of the 9th scores Youk and the Sox win 8-7. Unbelievable! This game was making me sick, although the TBS announcers were alittle better tonight, so I resorted to following along online via Gameday. I was sprinting for the remote in the 7th to catch the comeback. There's nothing like the heart of a champion. Win or Lose this weekend, I was proud that the Red Sox fought for it. They finally showed some life. That's all I ask of the teams I root for. Now the bags are packed so lets make them sweat in Florida with Beckett and Lester. They've got some making up to do, and there's work to be done. Let's make tonight worth it!

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