Friday, October 10, 2008

Its about that time....

Yeah, its late on a Friday. Planning to get outta here soon. ALCS kicks off at the Trop tonight against the Rays to get the weekend started. Dice-K vs. Shields. Its as it should be. We've got a score to settle. Yeah, the Rays won the season series 10-8 but we outscored them by 20. Here's to the can of whup-ass for the Sox to open up on them tonight.

The Bucs have a rivalry game of their own this week as the Panthers come into town. The pussycats have already had their share of luck scoring on last second plays and the like, ones that put the Bucs close wins to shame. They've got a game up on us in the division and have beaten us at home the last five times, but I think we got this one. Garcia will replace Griese with most of the rust and injured calf now behind him. The defense is playing well, and Davin is back so we should win the trenches. Just another knock-out-drag-out brawl in the NFC South.

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