Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What the Dawn of February brings

Pitcher and catchers report this week which is exciting in itself, but for now, its the first matchup between the Tar Heels and Blue Devils smack in the middle of the conference season. I haven't had alot to say lately despite the last second loss to Wake Forest over a week ago, and a blowout loss by the Dukies to Clemson last week. Those were bumps in the season's journey. Now we're seeing how the Blue Devils respond and grow from those losses. The close call vs. Miami over the weekend did little to reassure fans that these Dukies will be able to come around and make a run deep into the conference tourney, or to be hopeful of a ride further into the Big Dance.

Much of that nervousness can be put aside (at least for the time being) with a good showing, and a win over the rival Tar Heels tonight. Here's a good breakdown from both sides on the matchups. It amazes me that the Baby Blues have won 3 straight at Cameron and I look for the Crazies to be in top form tonight to get the Dukies rolling. The focus on the 3s of late is a cause for concern, but we'll need it tonight. It will start and end with the defense. If the shots aren't falling, which has been the case for a couple of weeks now, it will be the defense that will have to keep the game close. It'll be a battle, as they always are.

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