Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hit to the gut

The Bucs let some veteran's go today including one Derrick Brooks. Dunn, Galloway, June, and Hillard were some of the other cuts. Brooks is the tough one for me to take. I wasn't too thrilled when the Bucs dropped John Lynch a few years ago, but Brooks is my son's favorite Buccaneer. I still have a coloring sheet that he printed out years ago off the Bucs site of ole #55. Big AD colored it finely in Red and Grey for me, matching the home unis. Its hanging here in my cube still as I type this. I guess it was inevitable, and had to happen sometime, but still, that one hurts. Even the guys are Buc 'Em are shocked. Guys, I know how you feel.

Geez! How are the Bucs going to look next year? This looks like a helluva youth movement.

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