Monday, February 16, 2009

Bums Court Rushing

Yeah, so I've been a Duke fan for over 20 years now, and I've seen the Dukies whip teams in the ACC over and over every year for awhile. I've also been a college basketball fan for just over those 20 some odd years and I don't think I've ever seen so many court rushes over the course of the same season happen for an upset win over a team that is NOT ranked #1. There was Wake Forest, Clemson, and now Boston College that stormed the court after beating Duke this season.

Go ahead, you can say that just because I'm a Duke fan, and these poor teams have suffered so long that they deserve it. I'm sure you can also plunk down the excuse that Duke is so hated by the basketball community that they need it thrown into their faces until the dirt is ground in, that they have it coming to them. Take that jealousy and bitterness aside, and some might contend that would be just kids having fun and celebrating their teams hard fought win over a typically better opponent.

Whatever, you want to say, I say its a lame excuse. Its unsportsmanlike and not the way it should be allowed to carry on. Its a travesty really that there is so (too) much of this negativity towards the Blue Devils and their success that no one is harping on this in the media. I guess I'm old school where when you are successful, you do it with class and dignity for yourself and your opponent. You behave like you've been there before. It isn't like these schools just showed up yesterday. You only bring out the trash talk if its brought down on you first. So, F all you college basketball posers and jealous panty-wastes. The Dukies are still here to take all comers. Remember just because you may have gotten the best of us this time, we've been there before.....and we're not leaving anytime soon.

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