Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Public Response from Chucky

Jon Gruden finally commented in public since his dismissal from the Bucs Head Coaching job. I'm glad he did after taking some time off with his family. He's considering some opportunities which are sure to come along. Like he mentioned, he's a coach and he loves it. He has that passion and love for the game of football that I admire. The fact a few panty-wastes (read: Simone Rice, Michael Clayton, and Jeff Garcia) came out in the press lately slamming him and his way of doing things just shows you can't make everybody happy. Besides, those guys aren't exactly model football citizen's themselves and are already known for creating waves elsewhere in their past and/or for talking out of their asses anyway. The fact Jon leaves the Bucs as the winningest coach in the franchises' history with over 100 wins proves he must have been doing something right.

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