Monday, January 19, 2009

Gruden is Gone

I fought off the pressure to post early Saturday morning when I saw the news that my Buccaneers had fired Jon Gruden. I didn't have the same feeling about Bruce Allen, but it all was too serial for me to deal with rationally. I can't say I was all that shocked, but I was surprised. Even so, the main feeling was numb.

When I swore my allegiance from the Cowboys to the Bucs in the mid nineties, Tony Dungy had taken over and was beginning to build the Bucs up from the crap-pile that Hugh Culverhouse had left them in. After drafting Dilfer and almost making the Super Bowl with Shaun King, Dungy was replaced by the high strung Jon Gruden. Lo and behold, the Bucs won the Super Bowl title the following year. The honeymoon last 7 years, with a losing record after that first year, and the Glazer ownership had enough.

Now we have Raheem Morris taking the reins. I was worried how I would accept this change in the guard. I was excited about the Dungy to Gruden change because I was already a Gruden fan before he came aboard. With Morris, I basically know nothing. I knew he was interviewed for some other jobs, but most coaches don't just rise up from the shadows and take the top job just like that. I guess its more previlent than it used to be, but still.

So, after sifting through my thoughts over the weekend to make sure I would be able to maintain my loyalty to the Bucs, I'm now looking forward to seeing what we got. I'm ok, Gruden will be ok, and all will continue forward. Now, lets get a good offensive coordinator to get our offense moving, and strive to continue to win.

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