Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stupid writer, but thats not a real it?

I was reading more on Pedroia's MVP award win and came across this quote from Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News in an article from He was the only writer not to include Pedie on his all:

Morneau and Youkilis were the only players named on all ballots. Pedroia was left off one ballot entirely -- by Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News, who gave Youkilis his first-place vote.

"Obviously, I was wrong in my opinion in this situation," Grant told the Globe's Tony Massarotti. "This year, I think I may have tended to value power numbers over the intangibles. I may have focused too much on the statistical analysis. As I continued to weigh that, Dustin dropped further and further on my list, but I think what was proven today was that I was wrong."

What a dumbass! Here's an even more focused article on his gaffe. I guess the guy is used to talking down to Jerry Jones' level.

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