Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Durham Regional Champions

Ok, everybody...left to right here....all together now..... "Ooooooo....Ahhhhhh".

Very good! Well done!
Oh, the joy of preseason tournaments. Most, if not all, of the Monster sized schools get to pick on the little guys. The press either over hypes the winners as the best they've seen or hammers them for playing sub-standard competition. This is more evident this time of year in College Football than Basketball, when the RPI comes out for the Big Dance in March. No matter, the Blue Devils put a whuppin' on Georgia Southern last night, 97-54. There.

The only intrigue was whether the Dukies would top the century mark or not. Without some freshman hotdogging by Elliott Williams, they would have. The coaching staff gave him some stern looks after he misfired on a behind-the-back pass across court that would've been an easy assist to Plumlee. The guy looks to be confident and he'll need to be to take on the tough competition in the ACC this winter. But after his 360 dunk on Monday, and the errant pass last night, he should tone it down and focus on making the play, and not showboating. Acts like that are a sure way to get roughed up in conference play down the road. Leave that crap to the buffoons in powder baby blue from Chapel Hill.

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