Thursday, November 6, 2008

I hate "bye weeks"

The Bucs are off this weekend. Its good so they can heal up some for the second half of the season, but for their fans, there's no alot going on. Yawn! What else is going on?

Word is that the Dodgers have an offer on the table to Manny Ramirez for $25 million a year. The length of the contract still has to be worked out, and Scott Boras wants to tap a few team GMs on the shoulder first to see if they're willing to pay more for longer.

The Blue Devils won an exhibition game against Lenoir-Rhyne last night, 95-42. Coach K was none too happy with the crowd turnout despite the game's exhibition status. Cameron is like Fenway in the aspect of it's cathedral-ness. If you got tickets, you got to go. Its that big of a deal. College basketball is just around the corner with some of the preseason tournaments to tip off in the next couple of weeks. The Dukies start next Monday vs. Presbyterian in the 2K Sports Classic. Coverage should be on ESPNU at 6pm CST.

Oh, and a congratulations for Cyn, formerly the Red Sox Chick, over at "Toeing the Rubber" for winning the's "Next Great Sports Blogger" contest. She was one of ten finalists and will get to post a blog for It's great to see good things happen for good people. She's a great and entertaining writer, so check her blogs out.

On the politics front, everyone knows of the historic win by Obama Tuesday night. I, too, was happy with the result. Now lets see if he can start digging us out of the deep hole Bush got us in. Black or white, male or female, it doesn't matter to me as long as you are a strong leader. I think we have one now, and he's got one helluva job ahead of him.

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