Monday, November 24, 2008

Nice wins

The Blue Devils knocked off Montana by 20 yesterday. I hadn't heard that Paulus hurt his forearm so Smith had to take up the slack at point. Apparently, the squad did well anyway in a game that I don't think could be seen too far from Durham on TV.

The Bucs laid an egg in the first quarter and got down 17-0 before roaring out in the 2nd to take the lead before halftime. A punt return by Clifton Smith and a INT return by Ronde pretty much sealed the deal after that for a 38-20 win. It was a nice victory, ugly in some ways, but a win none the less. 8-3 is nothing to sniff at, and with the Falcons downing the Panthers, the Bucs are tied for the division lead.

Oh, and I love how the Cowboys beat a team they were supposed to in the 3-8 49ers, and now they are back and the press is preaching how good they are now. If it wasn't for the slumping Redskins and the referees against the Bucs, they'd be dead in the water. So, now they face Seattle, another team they are supposed to beat and we'll have to listen to all the bullshit about how they've turned it around, not mentioning they really haven't played anybody good to get those wins. I guess that'll be ok though because I see at least two more losses for them in the near future - the Giant and Steelers. They might make it three, but hey, I'm not an talking head expert on TV.

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