Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's next on "As the Red Sox turn?"

Whats with all the drama?! What is this "General Hospital"? Should I alert my Me-Ma that there is a new 'story' on for her to watch and track. I guess since I've only been following the Sox for 6 years now, maybe I'm just not quite used to it.....still. 

We've got Beckett on suspension whether its valid or not, its there. Pedroia and his spat with the home town folks. Lowrie's on the DL with his wrist, and he was already filling in after Lugo was hurt in Spring Training. Big Papi is still stuck in last season like his wrist is bothering him. Drew's play has been suspect since he was having back issues early on. And now.....Dice-K was pulled last night after giving up a buttload of runs to the A's and apparently has 'arm fatigue' after pitching so much, so early in the WBC.

Man, its been a long road trip. Time to bring the boys home and get things turned around. It would be nice to get a win this afternoon behind Wake and at least leave Cali on a good note.

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