Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beckett suspended 6 games pending appeal

This is some BS fall out from Sunday incident in Anahiem with Beckett being charged with throwing at Abreu. MLB is suspending him for 6 games of which he is appealing, and should, and an undisclosed fine. Some of the Angels were fined and their hitting coach got suspended for 1 game. All of this and the guy the umpires didn't kick out of the game, and who were actually there, gets the stiffest penalty. Something wrong with that picture.

The appeal should allow Josh to make his turn in the rotation Saturday versus the Orioles, then we'll see. I think it will likely be reduced, it almost has to be. There weren't even any punches thrown. 

The Sox play late again in Oakland and Dice-K is on the mound vs. Eveland. Its time to start turning this thing around and getting some wins under our belt.

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