Thursday, April 9, 2009

160 to go

Its a long season and last nights game, no matter how bad the strike zone calls went against the Sox, is just one of many. Bob Davidson, who everybody knew was behind the plate thanks to the ESPN Wednesday Night coverage, made some extremely awful strike calls to help Kazmir out on the mound, and frustrate the Sox hitters. Granted the Rays played solid and plenty enough to win, but you hate to see calls that consistently BAD! Anyway, Dice-K on the mound early this afternoon vs. Garza. Lets take the series and head out to West Coast for the week.

BTW- Breaking news about the starter for the Angels last night being killed in a car accident over night. Nick Adenhart was only 22 and was filling out the rotation for the Halos after a solid Spring Training. Too young and too soon thanks to some hit and run driver running a red light. A second person was killed as well as two others in the hospital. Very sad, and my heart goes out to the family, the organization and the fans. 

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