Thursday, March 26, 2009

Now...its baseball season

Your two leading scorers can't go 4 for 32 and expect to win. That about sums it up. Wildcats win it by what....20?

I held off posting until the Dukies ended their run. Call it superstition, or whatever. Welp, it ended tonight. Villanova took it to them. Superb in your face man to man defense, and some crappy run and too tight offense by Duke. They played too scared much of the time. There will be plenty of smack talk out there by the Duke haters. Heck, I already got a pass on message from a friend of my son's asking me about those Wildcats. It happens. Clemson blew us out on one of those crappy shooting nights and they didn;t go all that far in the tourney did they.

Villanova is better than the Tigers though. They'll be a hard out for Pittsburgh, who I have picked to win the whole thing. I think it was a good year for the Dukies and now we move on. Here's to the out going Seniors, Greg Paulus and the like, and welcome to the incoming Freshmen. Message to G- Don't even think about turning pro ok? Come back and lead us next year. You just might get your jersey in the rafters.

For now, salute, and let the Banner play, and LET'S PLAY BALL!!!!!!

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